Woman tells dogs story using their favorite words and their reaction is adorable

August 4th, 2020

Anyone who owns a dog knows that it’s impossible to say certain words in front of them without getting a reaction.

A good example of this is having to spell out the world ‘W-A-L-K’ so that your dog doesn’t get way too overexcited and think that walkies are happening right this second. On the other end of the scale, you might have to spell out the word ‘vets’ so your pup doesn’t turn into a massive ball of anxiety.

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Of course, some people are skeptical about whether a dog can understand human words or not, so a TikTok trend came along that set out to banish all of those doubts. The trend sees people tell their dog’s ‘favorite story,’ complete with words such as ‘tennis ball’, ‘walks,’ and even ‘grandma’s house.’ We’ve seen a bunch of brilliant videos, but this one with two gorgeous pit bulls particularly caught our eye – and we wanted to share it with you.

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Huxley and Mila live with their owner, Kaitlyn Daughtry, and they have recently become little stars in the TikTok world. Kaitlyn’s channel features a bunch of videos with her sweet fur babies, and it has already reached an impressive 180k followers.

“They are seriously the best dogs,” Kaitlyn told The Dodo. “I’m not just saying that because they’re mine.”

Adorably, as soon as Kaitlyn mentions ‘grandma’s house,’ both Huxley and Mila’s heads fly upwards and their ears go back.

They’re clearly very excited by the idea of grandma’s house! The two adorable pooches continue to listen intently as Kaitlyn talks about the ‘dog park’ and ‘dog toys.’ Their little heads keep tilting this way and that and it’s so adorable to see! It’s clear as day that they understand exactly what Kaitlyn is saying.

“They are amazing listeners,” Kaitlyn told The Dodo. “When they hear those words, they perk up and definitely know what I’m talking about.” She added, “I thought it was the cutest ever! It was so hard not to laugh when I was telling the story.”

@kaitlyn_daughtryWhoever says dogs don’t understand us are wrong❤️ ##pitbullsoftiktok♬ Story time with your dogs favorite words – kaitlyn_daughtry

TikTok users noticed the pups’ obvious excitement at the mention of ‘grandma’s house’, with one user commenting:

“Grandma’s house must be magical!”

In response, Kaitlyn replied: “Grandma herself is magical 🥰”

Kaitlyn then proceeded to share the sweetest video of Grandma herself visiting the house!

“She’s clearly the favorite,” Daughtry said. “She brings personalized bags with their names on it, every time, with toys and treats in them.”

@kaitlyn_daughtryPART TWO: Meet Grandma❤️ (as requested) ##pitbullsoftiktok♬ original sound – kaitlyn_daughtry

In the adorable video, the moment grandma arrives, Huxley and Mila leap towards the door in excitement. They are clearly thrilled with their special personalized bags and their dog toys.

We loved watching this video of Huxley and Mila, and we can’t wait to see what they get up to next! Why don’t you try this challenge on your dogs and see how they react? Let us know in the comments section!

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Source: The Dodo, Kaitlyn Daughtry