Meet Trumpet the Bloodhound – winner of 'Best in Show' at Westminster dog show
This boy deserves all the treats in the world!
Gianella Argao

A bloodhound has been named “Best in Show” for the first time in the history of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show… and we are absolutely here for it!

Although the premier dog show is usually held at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, this year’s event was hosted at Tarrytown, New York’s Lyndhurst Mansion, a National Historic Landmark.

The event began on Saturday and ended in the evening on Wednesday.

The best breed in each of the seven categories (Sporting, Terrier, Working, Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, and Herding) was determined, and they then fought for the coveted title of “Best in Show” after some fierce competition and difficult judgments.

The charming bloodhound named Trumpet beat off hundreds of other hound canines to take first place in the hound category.

The competition against the other group champions was his next challenge.

The 4-year-old competed against a German shepherd, a Maltese, an English setter, a Samoyed, and a Lakeland terrier.

Trumpet was “tooting his horn” since the hound group hasn’t won the competition in seven years. And to make it even more meaningful, a bloodhound has never won a title in the show. Over 3,000 canines took part in the competition, but Trumpet emerged victorious.

The wonderful news was shared on Facebook by Westminster Dog Show.

Spectators were overjoyed to see a bloodhound on the platform for the first time ever. Comments came flooding in. It seemed like people agree that it was about time this breed makes it to the podium.

One commenter posted, “So proud of Trumpet! Glad he got to not only show off the majestic side of a Bloodhound, but also his goofy side! Proud Bloodhound owner here! You deserved the top spot, Trumpet! Congratulations!”

Another proud bloodhound owner hilariously said, “Trumpet is stunning!! Our bloodhounds are kinda best in show, ON THE COUCH!!”

In addition to being attractive, bloodhounds are great scent hounds and wonderful family pets.

They get along well with kids and are kind and gentle. They’re also incredibly loyal to their humans. Don’t even get me started with those wrinkles and floppy ears!

To prove our point, another commenter posted, “Finally! Best breed ever! Think of all the lives they have saved. They are so loyal. We were excited about the win!”

Indeed, owning a bloodhound is a true life-changer!

And this honorable win at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show by Trumpet is just one of the many reasons why bloodhounds are awesome!

We believe that rescue dogs are the greatest and urge everyone to adopt a dog at their neighborhood shelter. See which bloodhounds are available for adoption in each state in the United States by checking out this map.

Kudos to Trumpet and his handler! It was surely a well-deserved win. I hope nothing but loads and loads of treats, rubs, and hugs for Trumpet the champion!

Watch the video below to witness Trumpet and his handler’s glorious winning moment!

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By Gianella Argao
Gianella Argao is a contributor at SBLY Media.