Family adopts rejected 15-year-old dog to give her ‘best final days’
After being rescued from the shelter 15 years ago, this senior dog was returned to the same shelter. Now, this shelter is working double time to make sure she gets adopted and make her last days as comfortable as possible.
Jaclyn Abergas

Because people want cute dogs they can play with, the chances of senior dogs getting adopted are sadly very low.

So when Netty, a senior dog, was returned to the Pennsylvania SPCA 15 years after she was rescued by the same family at the same shelter, the shelter staff was concerned no one was going to adopt her.

Her former family returned her after 15 years because “she was incontinent.”

But when the vet team gave her medication and allowed her more bathroom breaks, Netty did well at the shelter. They did, however, diagnose her as fairly depressed.

And being dropped off and left for good at the shelter can only contribute to her depression. Plus she was also fighting off a urinary tract infection. It was going to be hard to get someone to adopt Netty.

Pexels - Ale Zuñiga
Pexels - Ale Zuñiga

The Pennsylvania SPCA will do anything to make Netty’s last days as comfortable and loving as possible. And being in a shelter won’t give that.

“The return rate for animals varies and it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, especially after a decade, it can be heartbreaking. It was in Netty’s case. But, instead of focusing on what had happened to bring her back to us, we chose to focus on how we can give her the best final days,” Gillian Kocher, public relations director at Pennsylvania SPCA, shared.

Pexels - Irina Zhur
Pexels - Irina Zhur

That’s why they turned to social media to help get the word out about Netty.

“Netty is VERY low maintenance and could live with dogs, cats, and respectful kids,” Pennsylvania SPCA wrote on their Facebook post. “Can you please help us spread the word about this beautiful soul to get her out of the shelter and into a warm, cozy bed?”

And it didn’t take long for someone to reach out to them to adopt Netty.

Pexels - Pixabay
Pexels - Pixabay

It turns out there are so many people who want to adopt senior dogs.

Amy Kidd, owner of Pocopson Veterinary Station in West Chester, Pennsylvania, found out about Netty through her receptionist. And she knew she had to meet Netty.

“As a small-animal veterinarian, I see the needs of senior pets on a daily basis. The puppies and the kittens are always adopted, leaving the puppy mill moms, adult pets, and seniors to be euthanized,” Amy shared.

They had also recently lost their 12-year-old rescue, Pointer, to cancer. And they wanted to give another senior dog a lovely life.

When they saw Netty, they knew they wanted to give her the end of life she deserved.

Together with her daughter, two sons, and two senior dogs, they went to Philadelphia to meet Netty and they all fell in love.

“Netty is ADOPTED!!!” Pennsylvania SPCA reported. “She’s heading home with 3 senior dog siblings and her mom is a vet tech! We can’t thank everyone enough for spreading the word to help make this happen, and especially to Netty’s family for giving her the best final days.”

When they got home, Netty fell asleep surrounded by their six cats. She also made herself comfortable on one of the children’s bean bag chairs and claimed it as her nap spot. They also introduced her to water therapy to help with her arthritis.

Finally, Netty lives with a loving family in a loving home. And maybe, this will even extend her life a little bit longer.

No matter what happens, Netty will end her life with all the love and comfort she could ever need.

Check out a video of another one of Pennsylvania SPCA’s adoptable dogs below!

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By Jaclyn Abergas
Jaclyn Abergas is a contributor at SBLY Media.