Cat nabs the spotlight at owners’ wedding as adorable ring bearer
The fancy kitty had guests' heads turning.
Colby Maxwell

Pets are an integral part of our lives, often more than we realize. Cats and dogs alike provide us so much peace, companionship, and hilarity, just from their being around! In many situations, we look to our pets for comfort in times of big life changes. Without hesitation, they are there and ready to help… even if it isn’t in the way we were wanting or hoping for. In one recent story, we see how a cat can do more than just help with a big event, it can steal the whole show!

Pexels - Emma Bauso
Pexels - Emma Bauso

Nick and Dee Donatelli had a wedding not too long ago and wanted to include their cat in the event.

Including a pet in weddings is apparently the new thing to do. Often, a couple doesn’t have a child that is able to be the ring bearer or flower girl, and they want to find a way to incorporate their own “fur baby”. In the case of the soon-to-be Donatellis, that was exactly what they wanted to do.

Instead of a little girl or boy walking their ring down the aisle, they turned to the cat that meant so much to them: Moose!

Moose’s wedding debut was a big deal, for sure, but it wasn’t his first time being in the public eye! In fact, Moose was already quite famous from the Instagram account that his humans ran for him. The account, Lily & Moose, has over 4,000 followers and documents the wonderfully cute (and lazy) lives of the two cats. With so much media attention on the feline, the couple decided that it might be fun to have Moose be the official ring-bearer!

The couple did more than just bring the ring down the aisle – he came in style.

When it’s time to do something, go all out! In the case of Moose the Ring Bearer, that was exactly what they did. Dressing him up in his own special outfit (a suit made for cats), along with a bow tie, Moose was clearly the most dapper individual there. When it was time for his big moment, he didn’t just walk down the aisle like a common civilian, either. No, no, no, he was carried in his own specially crafted throne (a decorated baby basket).

Although the big day was supposed to be about the couple, Moose ended up stealing the show.

When the official photos of the wedding were posted, all people could talk about was Moose and his official regalia. The internet can be QUITE a funny place! Here are a few of our favorite comments:

The Commoners

Mafia boss

Downton Abbey

Is bringing your pets into your big day worth it?

Look, we aren’t ones to tell you how to live your lives, but just be aware: your pet may just steal the show! Make sure you check out Moose and Lily’s Instagram for updates on how they are doing.

Check out their official Instagram below!

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By Colby Maxwell
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