Pit bull saves small child from copperhead snake
It turned out, the snake was very venomous.
Rachel Shapiro

Pitbulls are one of the most protective breeds around, and oftentimes, they’ll do anything to save a human in trouble. This incredible story proves just that.

A woman named Stacie Rae English shared the story of her brother’s dog Hurley on Facebook, and it quickly went viral.

Stacie Rae English, Love What Matters
Stacie Rae English, Love What Matters

Stacie’s brother was walking his adorable dog Hurley in the neighborhood one evening. He chose to walk Hurley in the evening because he can unleash him at that time and let him truly explore his surroundings.

Suddenly, the man heard loud screaming from a child. Before Stacie’s brother could react to the situation, Hurley had already made his way toward the screaming kid.

“The little boy ran to his mothers vehicle and drove off so fast that my brother was unable to find out any information on the little boy. (We are assuming because they left so fast that he was bitten and being rushed to the ER) My brother then went on to call animal control and the Highland Village Cops showed up to check out the scene. They asked to take a look at Hurley to see if he was bitten,” Stacie wrote on Facebook.

Stacie Rae English, Love What Matters
Stacie Rae English, Love What Matters

When the man finally caught up with his dog, he saw a dangerous copperhead snake close by the child. He also saw Hurley attacking the snake. The pit bull killed the dangerous and venomous snake, possibly saving the little child from further injuries.

It’s unclear whether or not the child was bitten, as the little child ran away to his mother and they presumably went to the ER to get him checked out. Stacie’s brother hopes that they can still connect with the child and his family.

After the incident, the man called animal control to report the copperhead snake – as it turns out, Hurley had found a whole nest of the venomous animals. While defending the child, Hurley was struck by the copper head’s poisonous teeth.

“It was later discovered the little boy had come across a copper head nest and hopefully Hurley prevented him from getting bitten, or at least getting bitten multiple times. We are still trying to find out who the little boy is and make sure he is okay. Here’s our hero pit bull. I’d like for his story to get around for those who judge his breed,” Stacie wrote.

Stacie Rae English, Love What Matters
Stacie Rae English, Love What Matters

Luckily, thanks to quick help from the Denton Animal Emergency Hospital, Hurley’s blood clotting was monitored and the dog could already return home the next day.

Although Hurley was still somewhat uncomfortable and had a swollen face and neck, he was doing a lot better.

Here is the original Facebook post that Stacy posted:

"My brother was walking his pit bull lab mix, Hurley, in our neighborhood field around 10 pm. He walks him this late so…

Posted by Love What Matters onTuesday, July 11, 2017

What a brave dog! Hurley is an incredible pup, and we’re so glad he’s doing okay after his heroic actions. He deserves all the treats in the world.

Hurley also isn’t the only pitbull who has saved a child from a venomous snake. A similar story happened in Florida with two brave dogs.

If you want to learn more about this story, check out the video below!

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