Grad student steals neglected pit bull that was never let out of her cage

August 6th, 2020

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility. Apart from loving the dogs unconditionally, their humans also need to make sure that their pooches are being fed well. They need to ensure that their pets are getting enough exercise, too.

Unfortunately, not all dogs get lucky.

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Rose is one of those dogs who ended up with the wrong human. The guy who used to own her would leave her inside a crate without giving her any food or drink. The worst part was that he would leave her like that for days.

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When Maddy heard about Rose’s story, she knew she had to do something.

Her first action was to confront the man. She said that if he didn’t treat Rose right, he has to find her a new family that would treat her right.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Rose’s human continued to neglect her and her needs. With that, Maddy came up with another plan.

She decided to put the dog’s well-being first.

Rose drove over the man’s house and found the poor dog inside her crate. That time, her owner was out of town.

After opening the crate and letting Rose out, Maddy got a full view of the dog’s poor condition. She was really weak, probably from not getting enough nutrition.

Despite her condition, the dog still wagged its tail and gave Maddy some kisses.

She found it hard to resist the dog’s charm. So, to help her become healthy again, she decided to foster Rose until they could find the right family for her.

The first thing she did was increased her calorie intake. It worked like a charm because she became a healthy dog again. She started running, playing, and living like a real dog.

Rose likes to eat.

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For Maddy, it might be her most favorite thing to do. Each time she sees food, she gets energetic.

Of course, apart from the food, Maddy made sure to give the dog lots of freedom. Since Rose was once caged, she made sure to let her run and move with no restrictions.

Maddy was a broke grad student.

This was one of the things that made Maddy think twice about taking Rose in for good. Her financial condition can make it hard for her to take care of the poor dog.

But Rose didn’t care.

She likes Maddy a lot. She would cuddle with her and look at her with such loving eyes. Against those things, Maddy found herself helpless.

Rose loves Maddy’s parents, too.

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In fact, her dad is Rose’s second most favorite person. She would spend a lot of time with him either playing, lying down or just chilling at home. She even broke his “no dog on the furniture” policy. That’s how sweet she is.

Rose is on her way to living her best life.

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Ever since she came into Maddy’s house, she no longer had to spend another day in her crate. She can run and play whenever she wants. She can eat healthy food and she can nap comfortably at home. And the best part? She’s with her most favorite human. She won’t have to worry about feeling lonely or neglected again because she has Maddy and her loving parents.

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Source: YouTube, I Love My Dog So Much