Lady buys baby turkey being sold for meat so he won’t spend hurricane alone and falls in love
"Uri is very emotionally unfiltered and I love that aspect about him. He's my alter ego that way." Their story only became more and more wholesome as time went on.
Jaclyn Abergas

There was supposed to be a hurricane coming in Cozumel, the island where Rose lived in Mexico.

To prepare herself for emergencies, she went to the nearby store to stock up on essentials. She didn’t expect to leave with a baby bird.

But she left with a turkey.

“I heard some sounds and I heard this baby chick alone in a cardboard box underneath a table in the store,” Rose recalled. “I didn’t even realize it was a baby turkey… I just thought I can’t leave this baby alone at night during a hurricane.”

At first, Rose thought he was a baby chicken that was a little too big. She found out he was actually a baby turkey.

He was a “meat bird”.

Meat birds are unnaturally bred so they grow big fast and can be consumed within three months.

When Rose found him, he was all alone in the box. She didn’t want to leave him alone in the store, where it might flood or the electricity might go off.

It wouldn’t be an ideal place for any person or animal during a hurricane.

Rose bought him for $7.

Then, she happily took him home with her. The hurricane did arrive in Cozumel that night.

That same evening, the baby turkey was cuddling safely with Rose on her sofa. And from that moment on, they connected with a special bond.

Rose named him Uri.

It turned out that baby Uri had the biggest personality. And one thing he loves to do is to show off.

Rose said he loves to go to the beach because he can show off to a bigger audience. He also loves music, especially live music, and sings along to it.

More than anything, though, Uri loves to do what Rose is doing.

“Uri is very emotionally unfiltered,” Rose shared. “And as somebody who is emotionally reserved myself, I love that aspect about him. He’s my alter ego that way.”

It is also so easy to know what Uri is feeling at the moment because the color of his head changes with his mood.

When it’s pink, he’s feeling relaxed.

When he’s angry, his head changes to a deep red. And when the blues and purples appear, watch out. Uri is about to show off and impress you with his beauty.

Even his snood is a sign of his current emotions. When it’s long, he’s feeling magnificent. When he’s relaxed, it’s a little shorter.

And when he’s hungry and wants snacks, his snood retracts and transforms him into a “unicorn” turkey.

One thing surprised Rose about Uri.

He doesn’t like being outside. Although, she did mention that was mostly her assumption about farm animals.

Uri loves being inside the house and especially inside the kitchen.

“Never in my life would I have thought I would have a big turkey as my companion,” Rose said. “And now, I can’t imagine my life without him.”

No expiration date on this turkey

For a turkey that was only supposed to be alive for three months, Uri has now been alive for almost two years.

“He’s lived far beyond what I expected,” Rose added.

Get a glimpse at Rose and Uri’s special bond and his amazing beauty in the video below!

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