Previously feral cat and homeless pit bull raise stray kittens together

May 18th, 2020

There are feuds and rivalries that are famous all across the world. Batman and the Joker, the Yankees and the Red Sox, and finally, cats vs. dogs! Cats and dogs are known to have one of the longest-lasting feuds around, but is it possible that they can get along?

Any dog or cat lover knows that this stereotype doesn’t have to be true.

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We have come a long way as a human society. Across the world, we have found better ways to solve our issues! Instead of war, why don’t we talk about things and work on a partnership? If humans can learn to get over feuds, it is possible that dogs and cats can, too?

This story may just be the final nail in the coffin for the rivalry.

If there were any dog and cat that would break this mold, you would never expect it to be these two. Mack and Bowser were ready to have a lasting friendship that truly went the distance. Like anyone, however, they had a past.

Mack is a pitty/lab mix who had a rough start to life.

Analisa Trstensky is Mack’s current owner, and she loves him with all her heart. Mack didn’t have such a loving first owner, though. He had been hurt and abused for much of his puppyhood and early life. Mack had scars all over his body and even some “scars” in his heart.

“The first year and a half of Mack’s life was downright terrible, however, I did not find out most of the details until a few months after I adopted him. He had some small scars on his face, and his elbows and knees were bare/scabbed over from laying in the dirt, so I knew it was bad, just not how bad,” Analisa told I Heart Cats.

Their previous owner didn’t care much for Mack and his brother.

Sadly, not everyone treats animals as they deserve. Mack and his brother were tied to a tree and given precious little food and water for most of their life. Their owner decided he didn’t want them anymore and tried to rehome them but they never gained traction with the idea.

“Mack and his brother were tied to a tree with hardly any food or water. The owner kept trying to rehome them, but somehow, they kept returning. The shelter finally stepped in. His brother was adopted shortly after, but Mack was labeled as aggressive and was added to the list to be euthanized.”

Before anything permanent was done with Mack, a shelter worker, Chris, asked to work with him.

Working with Mack for four months, Chris worked a miracle with the scared pup. After some time spent with a foster home who loved him, Analisa saw Mack online.

Analisa and her cat Bowser, a formerly feral cat, were ready for an addition to the family.

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I got a new brother today. His name is Mack.

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After reading about him online, her heart went out to the pit puppy.

“His picture caught my eye, but the description is what caught my heart. How could a dog with such an awful life still be so grateful to humans? I began emailing back and forth with his foster mom, and he sounded too good to be true.”

The night after taking him home, Analisa woke up to the three of them snuggling on the bed.

The first night showed just how right the pit and cat were for each other. They really hit it off! More than that, the two have a special job that they love to do together.

Analisa loves to bring kittens in the house to raise them to be adopted.

Mack and Bowser love to love! The two make it their job to accept and care for any of the stray kittens that Analisa brings into her home. The two brothers are basically family to each other and any other animal in the home.

If you know anyone who thinks pit bulls are naturally aggressive, send them this story. Mack loves cats and people.

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Rosie said, “one last cuddle before I go!”

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This is one heartwarming story that you just can help but feel good after reading. You can follow Mack and Bowser acting as parents on their Instagram.

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