Adorable photos of dogs before and after they were called a good boy

August 4th, 2020

Animals researchers say that while dogs don’t understand human speech, they do know when you’re saying something nice to them.

Context and tone have a lot to do with how a dog interprets human communication. And we know that they’re capable of looking extra cute and innocent when they want to be praised.

We also know that when we’re sweet-talking out pups, we often use the same tone of voice (and it’s very different from the one when we use when we say, “Hey, get your face out of there!”).

These 10 dogs sure knew they were getting a compliment. Just look at their faces after being told they are good boys and girls!


1. Better than a chicken sandwich

This sweet doggo will drop his sandwich (toy) just to smile after getting a compliment.

Do you think there’s ever been a moment when his owner DIDN’T want to call him a good boy?

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@courtSANDS/Twitter Source: @courtSANDS/Twitter

2. Atlas

Atlas is pretty famous. He even has his own Twitter account and has been pictured in the #1 post on Reddit just because he is so darn cute.

He really only has to sit there to make you fall in love with him, although we have to admit our heart melted with that smile.

But he doesn’t need anyone else’s validation to make him happy, just his mom’s.

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@divfem/Twitter Source: @divfem/Twitter

3. Lucy

This pup was all smiles when she was told she was being good on her car ride. She looks like she was waiting for the compliment too.

We love to see this girl happy!

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Roman M. Temin/Bored Panda Source: Roman M. Temin/Bored Panda

4. Honeydew the Dachshund

Honeydew is a chocolate and cream dapple dachshund.

She’s only a few months old (she was born in April 2020), but she already knows the words that make her the happiest.

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Photos via @honeydewthedachshund/Instagram Source: Photos via @honeydewthedachshund/Instagram

5. Seal dog

No, this is not a baby seal, just one very happy doggo that got told just how great he is.

We imagine that many cuddles came right after that second photo was taken – because how could you resist?!

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Reddit Source: Reddit

6. New mood

We love that this good boy look’s like he’s reflecting on just how much it means to him to have his behavior complimented.

Or maybe he’s thinking he bought himself enough goodwill to sneak into the treats later.

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NotSoupGuy/Reddit Source: NotSoupGuy/Reddit

7. Say it with signs

This deaf dog got the message loud and clear when his owner told him how good he is in sign language.

Now, when you say it with snacks, it’s even better!

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wakeuptomorrow/Reddit Source: wakeuptomorrow/Reddit

8. Zeke

Look at this pooch’s happy face! Don’t you just want to give him all the love?

It’s so rewarding to be able to make a dog happy since they do so much to please us.

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coversquirrel/Reddit Source: coversquirrel/Reddit

9. Kiwi

In this case, Kiwi’s owner told her what a good girl she is.

And she looks like she was ready for the compliment!

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Hindu_Wardrobe/Reddit Source: Hindu_Wardrobe/Reddit

10. Turn that frown upside down

Part Chihuahua, part terrier, all smiles!

This little guy looks properly stoked to find out he’s made his owner happy.

And we just want to snuggle that face and boop that nose so much!

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Bloopp/Imgur Source: Bloopp/Imgur


We’re off to find a dog to compliment!

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