Someone noticed that cats use parking bumpers as pillows – then the photos start flooding in

August 6th, 2020

Any place can be a nap spot if you’re tired enough. It can be the backseat of your car, the floor in front of your couch, or even the sidewalk if you’re drunk enough. Though when it comes to making the most out of uncomfortable resting spots, a lot of animals have us beat.

Sleeping on the sidewalk or in the bathroom when you’re excessively drunk is kind of impressive, sure. But call me when you can nap peacefully on a car tires, inside a tree stump or on a parking curb. This is where cats shine.

It all started with Twitter user Ijnaoba1927 sharing photos of cats in their neighborhood resting on the pretty uncomfortable looking concrete pillows. Turns out this behavior isn’t all that strange at all, and soon their replies filled up with more people sharing their own photos of cats they’ve seen doing the same thing.

1. Concrete pillow where sleeps are made of

The Tweet that started it all, now sitting at a milestone 1 million likes. I especially adore how they have one each.

2. Concrete cities, happy kitties.

It later revealed itself to be a universal phenomenon, judging from the different people from various countries contributing to the thread. At least if a scientists needs some images to document this, they’ll have a lot to choose from.

3. Ann-meow-ng Haseyo.

Twitter user yeon_nynag from Korea shows that their country is no exception. Put a curb somewhere and eventually a cat will come to it, it seems.

4. Controlled experiment.

Donning a harness and a leash, this one is clearly no stray. But Ijnaoba’s law (which I’m calling it from now) holds true, even under controlled conditions. This is science.

5. When you get really comfortable.

This looks like it’s worth some judging comments, but sit and think for a moment : Is this any different from when you take that large pillow and sandwich it between your legs when you sleep? I’m pretty confident that almost everyone has done that at one point, so spare your weird looks.

6. “I can’t nap if you’re over there staring.”

The black cat just wants a nice nap after everyone said he was bad luck. Give him a break.

7. It’s comfier than it looks, probably.

You ever see a curb that’s the perfect shape to do whatever this is? I don’t know, part of me feels like this is just like those weird recliner chairs that are actually really comfy to rest in.

8. “What are you staring at? Keep walkin’. “

“This is my curb, go get your own”. Vacant ones are hard to find with all the cars parking on them, I guess. Fair enough.

9. He watches over us.

This is the same cat from number 7, photographed by a different person at a different time. It’s anybody’s guess how long he’s been there now.

10. This one hasn’t budged either.

This curb is mine. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

11. A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh.

On the wood log, the mighty wood-log, the lion sleeps tonight. He ain’t alone either – the Tiger joins in because even apex predators need to chill once in a while.

12. Before we go, let’s check back on our friend.

And so curb cat continues his long rest on the sacred parking curb. Legend says he rests on that curb to this day.

We hope you were able to…curb your enthusiasm reading this list. If you were about to order that kitty bed from Amazon, maybe check around to see if they offer them in parking curb shapes.

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Source: [BoredPanda, Ijnaoba1927]