Cat Interrupts Sunday Service To Hide In Priest’s Robes

June 1st, 2020

With the U.K. still currently in lockdown, many churches have decided to move their services online so that people are still able to worship as a community. The majority of these services involve a video recording of the local priest saying prayers or else giving the full service online.

In Canterbury, the U.K.’s recent sunny weather means that one priest was able to record his prayers out in the stunning gardens of the Canterbury Cathedral. But one day, as he was in the middle of recording his video, the Dean found himself with an uninvited guest – though naturally, he carried on with his prayer like a pro.

Dr. Robert Willis, Dean of Canterbury, was recording a morning prayer outside in the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral when his guest first arrived. In the video, the priest is sitting on an outdoor chair wearing his long black priest’s robes as he preaches to the audience online.

But then something black and fluffy creeps into the shot. It’s a cat, and he makes a confident beeline towards the opening at the bottom of the priest’s robes. We all know that cats love to explore, and the robes probably looked like a dark tunnel to this curious cat.

The video then cuts out, so we don’t know if the cat made it out again or whether he curled up inside the robes, thankful for a bit of shade from the sun. But we have to commend Dr. Robert’s professionalism as he carries on with his speech as if he hasn’t noticed the nosy little cat!

Since the video aired, we’ve discovered that the kitty’s name is Leo – and he’s actually a regular church-goer. The black cat often attends Canterbury Cathedral and always stops by to say hello to Robert. This may be the first religious cat we’ve ever encountered and we’re living for it!

Leo has made a couple more appearances in Dr. Robert’s videos since then, though he’s never sneaked in the priest’s robes again since. In a recent video, Leo is curled up asleep on the chair next to the priest. We wondered who the extra chair was for!

The video of Leo and the priest’s robes was posted onto Twitter by Canterbury Cathedral and people found it hilarious! It instantly went viral with 4.7k retweets and 9.4k likes, and the demand grew for Leo to be featured in every video. Many people shared their love for the video in the comments below, with our favorite comment saying:

‘He thought it was the confession booth.’

Well, this has certainly brightened up our day, and we hope to see Leo in many more videos!

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Source: Canterbury Cathedral