Impatient dog teaches owner a lesson when he’s fed up waiting for owner in car

May 29th, 2020

If you have impatient friends or family and have ever been with them out shopping, then you’ve experienced their frustration whenever it took you a little too long to decide what to buy or to try on a couple more trousers.

Similarly, if you are the impatient one out of your friends, you’ve been tempted to pull them out of the changing room when they were trying on the tenth outfit or draw them to the cashier when they were strolling around the supermarket aisles.

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Well, as Tyler Fust recently found out, it’s not only humans that can get really annoyed by you taking too long at the shops, but also pets.

Tyler Fust is a dairy farmer from Wausau, Wisconsin. He often drives around in his Ford pickup truck, along with his pet friend, boxer Wally. When Tyler runs errands around town, he often safely leaves Wally, who waits for him, in the truck.

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But Wally isn’t the patient kind. On the contrary, he gets rather annoyed when his dad leaves him waiting for more than a couple of minutes.

A few weeks ago, Tyler took Wally with him as he had to go to the shops. He hadn’t been away for more than two minutes, as he said, when he heard the persistent horn of his truck. When he approached the driver’s window, he saw a frustrated Wally honking the horn.

The man knew he had to capture on camera the special moment, otherwise, nobody was going to believe him! So, he filmed the whole thing and posted it on Facebook.

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“This dog is getting more & more impatient, I was gone for maybe 2 minutes & he’s already laying on the horn,” he wrote in the post that accompanied the video.

As Tyler explained in an interview with UNILAD, Wally has been using his paws exceptionally to do things most dogs don’t ever since he was a puppy. He would open doors, too, whether he had to push or pull.

“We have had Wally since he was a puppy and he has a unique set of abilities including opening doors, whether he has to push or pull with his paw,” Fust explained.

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As for beeping the horn? Wally learned how to do that at the age of six months. Since then, he has been using this skill to let his owners know he’s fed up with waiting for them and he won’t take it anymore.

“He is certainly not shy about using it to get attention. He doesn’t care whether he’s sat outside a shop or even my kid’s school.”

Of course, he knows that Tyler can’t get mad at him because he’s too cute to not melt his heart with his sweet face.

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Now, would you expect that when Wally saw Tyler he’d stop beeping? No, he didn’t. Actually, he waited until the man opened the door, so he would make sure they wouldn’t spend another minute there and they would leave immediately.

People went crazy in the comment section below the post, commenting about how this is classic boxer behavior and how they could envision their own dogs doing the same thing!

Wally seems to be a really clever dog and it seems that he and his dad are having great fun together! You can watch the hilarious moment in the video below.

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This dog is getting more & more impatient, I was gone for maybe 2 minutes & he’s already laying on the horn

Posted by Tyler Fust on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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