Man plays violin for horse and the horse has best reaction

July 23rd, 2020

It’s always interesting to see how animals respond to music. So when we came across a video of a man playing the violin to a pair of horses, we knew that it was going to be worth a watch.

As it turns out, horses are quite fond of the noise of a violin – and one of the horses in particular was really getting his groove on.

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Ray Chen is quite a talented musician, and although he’s more familiar with playing to humans, one day he decided that he was going to play to some horses and see what their reaction would be. He filmed the whole thing and uploaded it onto his YouTube channel, where the clip soon had over 1.4 million views as well as thousands of likes and comments.

As soon as Ray begins to play the song, which according to a YouTube user is “Winter” by Vivaldi, both horses are immediately interested.

While the brown and white spotted horse simply stands and stares, the brown horse next to him has a totally different reaction – and it’s hilarious!

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As Ray plays, the horse bops his head in time to the music, causing Ray to comment:

“This horse seems to have better rhythm than most people (including some musicians out there).”

It really does seem like he’s enjoying the music, and it’s so adorable to see.

People took to the comments to show their love for the video, with one user joking,

Man: [gentle violin noises] Horse: [HEADBANGING INTENSIFIES]”

Another person added:

“On this episode of “What Will Quarantine Bring Me Today?””

Another person spoke on behalf of the horse, and said: “This is a worthy use of our hair. We are impressed.”

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It turns out that horses aren’t the only animals who enjoy listening to music!

This next video shows how a blind elephant living in Thailand reacts to a song played on a piano, and it’s the sweetest thing we’ve seen today. The video was uploaded by musician Paul Barton and has over 4.5 million views.

“I’d like to tell you a little bit about this gentle old female elephant called Lam Duan.” Paul tells us. “She’s totally blind, and has been for some considerable time. I’m going to play her some piano music.”

Paul adds that Lam Duan’s name means “Tree with Yellow Flowers”. How adorable!

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As Paul plays the first few keys on his piano, Lam Duan immediately turns her attention over to the sound.

She stands right in front of the piano and appears to be listening intently. As the song goes on, she begins to sway her head from side to side and move her trunk in time to the music. She is clearly enjoying the music and it’s so sweet to see.

One user commented, “I can only imagine for a blind animal that only hears sounds of nature, this must have been an amazing new sensation. Thank you for playing music for this creature. May he be born with eye sight in his next life.”

We have to agree!

Check out the incredible video of Ray Chen playing for the horse below!

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Source: Ray Chen, Paul Barton