Golden Retriever Hilariously Confused By Music

February 11th, 2020

There are many things in this world that leave us scratching our heads. However, it’s not very often that a camera is there to capture our hilariously baffled reactions.

One Golden Retriever was laying down peacefully when she began hearing “strange sounds” coming into the room. What the heck could it be? Turns out, it was a famous classical music piece and her response to it is beyond adorable.

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We all have different tastes in music and you’re not going to understand it all. It’s okay if your grandma doesn’t like your rap, and there’s no harm that you’re not a fan of her polka either.

The dog in the video below seems to have never been exposed to classical music in her eight years of life. So, her owner decided to give her a lesson in the instrumental style by turning on some Mozart.

At first, the pooch just lays there taking in the vibrant sounds of the song. But then as if it suddenly hits her – she picks her head up looking confused as can be. Wait…what is that interesting noise?

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As the song continues to play, the dog cocks her head from side to side seeming puzzled by what she’s hearing.

Maybe she’s thinking – I was literally just minding my own business and now I have no idea what’s going on!

The dog might have been a bigger fan of country music, or perhaps she jumped onto the classical bandwagon after getting used to the instrumentals. Whichever way – it’s total cuteness overload seeing how she responds.

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Do dogs react differently to different styles of music?

One research study explained in a Psychology Today article found that canines actually have preferences when it comes to music genres. In addition, they also have different reactions to them too. Queens University Psychologist, Deborah Wells, put animal shelter dogs through a test where different music styles were played for them.

The dogs in the shelter were observed while being exposed to compilations of heavy metal, pop, and classical music. They were also given quiet time and human conversation was played as well.

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What researchers discovered was fascinating.

On one hand, heavy metal seemed to agitate the dogs, while classical music had an opposite effect and seemed to calm them. As for the popular style and conversation – the canines didn’t react much differently than when there wasn’t any sound playing.

Wells concluded:

“It is well established that music can influence our moods. Classical music, for example, can help to reduce levels of stress, whilst grunge music can promote hostility, sadness, tension and fatigue. It is now believed that dogs may be as discerning as humans when it comes to musical preference.”

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The Golden Retriever in the clip seems curious about the sounds coming from the speakers. It’s easy to see in the way she shifts her head – which almost goes along to the famous Mozart tune!

One person left the following funny comment:

“She needs a monocle “YES, YES, this music is quite exquisite. Well played sir!” xD”

Another viewer wrote:

“Exactly how I feel when I try to analyze and break down symphonies”

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Our pooches can make us smile with most things they do, from their slobbery kisses to the way they greet us at the front door. Sometimes though, even they can manage to tip the scales of adorableness – just like the Golden Retriever!

Press play below to see the dog’s reaction listening to classical music.

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Source: Ramona Stanculet, Psychology Today