Broadcaster uses guilt to persuade his two dogs to help him build DIY furniture

October 19th, 2020

Most dogs seem to have an easy life. They get to take lots of naps and they get fed quite often. Their humans take them out for walks a couple of times each day. Plus, they also get playtime on a regular basis.

Scottish broadcaster Andrew Cotter has had enough of his dogs not helping around at home.

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When he was building a piece of DIY furniture, he noticed his dogs just looking at him and what he’s doing. That’s when he started his long talk with them.

Andrew said to his dogs:

“All I’m saying is that you get meals and accommodation and walks – not now – and wagging your tail isn’t quite enough. You’re what? Guard dogs? Yeah because burglars hate being vigorously licked. Just saying that you’ve both got to have a think about yourselves and perhaps do something in return.”

And it somehow worked.

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Right after castigating them, the dogs somehow managed to build the DIY coffee table. It’s not the most perfect coffee table, but it does the job. Andrew was very pleased with his dogs.

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He said:

“Okay that’s actually pretty impressive. Well, it’s a start. I’m not quite sure how you’ve done it but
somehow you’ve redeemed yourselves …although I really don’t understand how you did it mostly because it was supposed to be a coffee table.”

The adorable video went viral.

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It got nearly 300,000 views and the people who’ve seen it have nothing but good things to say about the dogs and their human.

One viewer commented:

“Not only does the interaction between Olive and Mabel and Andrew make me laugh so much, it’s the extra comments that crack me up too: “It was supposed to be a coffee table”. Thank you. Glorious.”

Another one said:

“I laughed out loud at this, never clicked so fast. I so love those two and your videos🐾🐾❤️🤗 I think they’re on to something with their new version of the coffee table, coffee will stay hot for longer in the drawer, well done😊👏”

The three have gained popularity for their funny videos.

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Instagram/Andrew Cotter Source: Instagram/Andrew Cotter

Oline, the black labrador, and Mabel, the golden lab, captured the hearts of many during the lockdown. The hilarious commentary of Andrew on the things they normally do on a regular basis made them extremely relatable.

Andrew thought his career was over.

A lot of his shows were canceled. Apart from that, the pandemic has made it extra hard for him to find a job as a freelance sports commentator.

However, instead of sulking, he started filming his dogs.

It was something he did out of boredom. For him, there’s really nothing fun about watching his dogs do what they do every single day.

Contrary to what he thought, millions loved his videos.

He went from one video to another and before he knew it, his YouTube channel has more than 110,000 subscribers already.

At first, the idea felt strange. In his head, he was just an average “sports broadcaster turning his hand to something mundane”. Plus, his dogs are just behaving like normal dogs. They didn’t do anything different.

Well, that’s probably how it goes when millions of people are in love with dogs. In these stressful times, they offer a good distraction.

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Source: YouTube, Daily Mail